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The Benefits of Dance!

The Benefits of Dance!

Dance is more than just a physical work out. Dance is one big step toward a healthy lifestyle, incorporating not just physical but mental, spiritual & social health benefits. From getting out of your comfort zone & gaining confidence, to releasing endorphins & forming friendships - dance creates a real sense of community. Why wouldn’t you give it a go?

If you’re new to dance or coming back to dance as an adult, first of all, well done for giving it a go!

I know that trying something new can be daunting to say the least! However, there are numerous benefits to trying something new. For instance, when we try a new hobby or skill, we fulfil curiosity & feel a renewed sense of purpose - all while increasing our self-confidence. By pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, we learn more than just a new hobby or skill, we also begin to learn new things about ourselves. Curiosity is a form of courage. When trying a new activity you might struggle at first, but through exploring new opportunities we learn & grow as people. Being open to new ideas & new experiences - trying, failing & trying again - breeds resilience & strength. Pushing past that initial apprehension & showing up to that first class is a big win on its own!

Living in western society, the bio-medical model of health is especially dominant with a heavy focus on physical health & pharmaceutical remedies. Fortunately, a more holistic approach to health is becoming increasingly more popular. I’m sure we are all aware of the physical benefits of dancing - including increased stamina, cardiovascular health etc. But as well as all these physical benefits, dance can foster your mental wellbeing. If my mood or energy is low on any given day, I can go to dance class & walk out feeling significantly better. Dancing is a great form of mindfulness, helping you focus on the present moment instead of the sometimes-overwhelming obstacles life can bring. Dancing releases all those feel-good chemicals & you are guaranteed to feel these effects both short term & long term from continued classes.

Lastly, adult life can make you feel like you don’t have time for yourself. With the demands of family & work, it can be difficult to navigate at times. I'm sure everyone will have experienced burn out at some point! Please remember that fostering your wellbeing is the most important thing. You can’t give to others if you aren’t filling your own cup first, right? How much time do you make for yourself? How much time in the week are you bringing joy into your life? Dancing can be seen as time to show up for yourself. Form friendships, have a laugh & feel amazing while doing it. I promise, your family, friends, co-workers & most importantly YOU, will notice the difference!

At AOD, we take pride in providing inclusivity, kindness, & joy. Myself, Miss Sonia & Miss Alyssa are dedicated to provide a safe space to ultimately bring you the benefits discussed above & bring that extra bit of light to your week. I am starting to realise how short life really is. Why not give new things a go? After all you may discover dancing is actually your new passion!

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